Here’s Why Drone Platforms Trounce Basic Measurement Reports

Here’s Why Drone Platforms Trounce Basic Measurement Reports 1024 683 Ethan Kirk

Technological innovations are driving widespread change through many industries. Drones have found a niche in the construction industry but have special appeal to roofing. Thanks to drone solutions, roofing contractors can get way more than just the basic measurements they see from most roof inspection reports. In this piece, we’ll break down why a roofing-tailored drone solution can provide a much better alternative to traditional roof reports.

Consistency Wins

In all forms of competition, we often hear the phrase “consistency wins.” These two words also ring true when you’re talking about roof inspections. When a roofer uses traditional methods to inspect a roof, there’s a big risk for human error that can ripple from data collection all the way to the bid itself. If the data isn’t consistent, how can you possibly produce a fair and accurate bid? Drone technology allows a roofer to get the same data the same way on every project thanks to automated flight planning. This means that roof inspection reports you share with customers have a ton of high-quality, unbiased data including accurate measurements, highlighted damage, and high-resolution imagery.

Better Availability

Sometimes, roofers can’t climb on a roof due to things like steepness or excessive damage. Before drones, roofers would typically order a roof report from a third party in these types of situations. The problem is that reports aren’t always available in areas with thick tree cover, and many of them aren’t up to date. For example, let’s say a commercial building has completely redone their HVAC since aerial imagery was gathered. If that roof has changed significantly, your bid won’t be accurate. With a drone, roofers can inspect any roof and have imagery of the entire roof in its current state. No guesswork, no third-party involvement, just up to date, accurate data for the roof inspection report.

Quality and Quantity

In the roofing industry, business can pick up in an instant and roofers need to prepare themselves for the potential uptick in projects. This means they need a way to decrease time spent inspecting roofs and still generate fair, accurate bids. With drones, roofers can stay on top of their projects while still delivering the best services possible to their customers. Drones can inspect a roof in as little as 10 minutes and deliver a pile of high-resolution imagery as well as facet-specific measurements. On the back side of the process, roofers can even use artificial intelligence technology to automatically detect damage so they can build reports that show customer exactly what’s going on with their roof.


If you look at roof inspection reports created from drone-gathered data, and the reports you can order from a third-party, there’s no comparison. Many drone solutions don’t provide simple reports, they provide a sophisticated bidding platform that makes it easy for roofers to gather data, review it, and turn it all into detailed bids and reports.

Curious how drones, AI, and other awesome tools can help your roofing company close more business? Take a look at the IMGING inspection platform.

Ethan Kirk
Ethan Kirk

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