A Look at IMGING Version 1.6.9

A Look at IMGING Version 1.6.9 150 150 Kevin Wunder

The Loveland Innovations team constantly innovates. We strive to provide the best data for roof and property inspections, and to offer new features as quickly as possible. We’re excited with the release of IMGING version 1.6.9, which comes with some awesome feature enhancements that make the overall solution that much more compelling.

Here’s what you’ll find in this feature-packed release:

  • New Export Tools. Insurance pros will love the export tools that lets move data from IMGING into other commonly used systems.
  • Roofing Bid Tool. For roofers, we added a killer new bid creation tool that’s built directly into IMGING. It helps you create more professional bids faster to win more business.
  • Faster Transfer Speeds. We’ve made improvements to the way that data is stored and transferred from the IMGING Mobile app to the IMGING Cloud. Data will move faster through our systems and workflows, so you have results faster.
  • Safer Flight Options. We’ve made significant improvements to flights, giving you more control of the overall experience. You can now adjust minimum safe flying heights during a flight, as well as complete scans early while still preserving inspection data.
  • Squashed Bugs. As with all releases, we’ve fixed a bug here or there to improve your overall experience.

To learn more, contact your client engagement specialist, or schedule a demo.

Kevin Wunder
Kevin Wunder

Kevin Wunder is the Sr. Director of Product Management for Loveland Innovations. His love for solving market problems led him through a slew of roles where he developed marketing strategies, steered trend-setting tech, and upped his creative gains every step of the way. Today, he drives product strategy for IMGING. When he's not working his marketing and product muscles, he's coaching at a local CrossFit gym, volunteering with local youth groups, and spending time with his wife and three wild boys.

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