On Demand and Other IMGING App Updates

Our latest release (2.6) sets us up for something huge we have planned for next year. As such, there are a lot of backend tweaks you won’t see, but there are a few changes you’ll see in the app as soon as you update:

Support for iOS 13 – This release fully supports iOS 13.

Damage detection enhancements – This release also adds a beta version of damage detection for composite shingles damaged by wind.

Estimated distance guides in pilot override – We wanted to give users an easier way to estimate the distance of the drone from the roof while flying manually in pilot override mode. When you fly in pilot override mode, you’ll now have the ability to toggle an overlay that will aid you in estimating how far your drone’s camera is from the surface of the roof it’s pointed at.

Re-launch and add photos to a completed scan – Users can now add manual aerial photos to a job they’ve previously completed. This is great if you flew a job and missed something or if you need to double check something and add images to an existing job.

Return to home battery life – During an IMGING flight, your drone used to automatically return to home when the battery reached 20%. Now, the point at which your drone returns to home will vary based on how far it is from the home point. This is to help extend each flight and help users be more efficient with their battery usage. Your drone will have enough battery to return home plus an additional 5% as a buffer.

Model generation improvements – Thanks to some tweaks to our backend, we’re seeing an improvement in the delivery speed for many of our models.

IMGING On Demand updates – In case you missed it, our drone-based inspection service, Drone Assist, is now called IMGING On Demand. This means users will notice a few text changes to their order forms in the app. We’ve also made some backend improvements that will make assigning and managing inspections much simpler.

As always, reach out to our support team if you have any questions and share any feedback with your account executive.

Happy flying.


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