How to Calculate the Value of Adopting Drones for Solar Site Surveys

The number one reason organizations adopt new technologies is to increase efficiency. If you’re a site surveyor or manager considering adopting drone technology for surveying, this page is for you. Automated drone software for solar designers and surveyors can skyrocket your team’s productivity. Enter your numbers in the ROI calculator here and learn how you can improve your bottom line with IMGING automated drone software.

ROI Calculator

Follow along as we break down how to measure the efficiency improvements from automated drone software in the video below. Use the ROI calculator at the top of this page to see what a similar result would mean for your business.
So, how should you calculate the value of automated drones in your business? The best method is to take a holistic approach, unique to your business. Begin with the productivity approach detailed here, then expand your scope of analysis to savings beyond surveys per day. We’ve found that these benefits are universal but vary broadly in dollar amounts between companies, so quantifying them will be up to you. While shorter surveys are universal, there are other less obvious but very common benefits we often see as well:
  • Employee satisfaction and retention increases immediately, reducing turnover during peak season.
  • If your surveyors are no longer climbing roofs, speak to your insurance workers’ compensation agent about reclassifying their coverage to start saving as much as 99% in workers’ comp rates per surveyor in areas where rates are high.
  • Replacing ladders and harnesses with a drone negates the need for trucks and work vans, shrinking the footprint and associated insurance and fuel costs of your survey team and saving your money.
  • IMGING provides DXF files easily downloadable through the cloud with obstructions automatically outlined. CAD models with obstructions give your design team a head start of where they began with manual survey data
graphic of soft cost breakdown

Every dollar saved in soft costs improves your bottom line.

The line items in green are expenses that can be lowered by using IMGING. 

Is all of this a bit much to bite off at first glance? We consult with solar business professionals every day, and we are happy to work with you. Fill out the form below for your consultation on how IMGING can transform your business by lowering your soft costs and automating your survey and design for more productivity from your team.

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