Leif Larson

Leif Larson


Leif has an extraordinarily ability to see a problem and its technological solution from end to end. He architects technology platforms that consider every angle, implication and nuance so that solutions can be implemented and adapted at warp speed.

Leif draws on 24 years of experience leading development teams, driving technical architecture, and managing infrastructure and operations for “always on” SaaS environments. Before coming to Loveland Innovations, Leif was the VP of IT Operations at Xactware, where he was responsible for all of their SaaS products for the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia including the real-time processing of the vast majority of all residential insurance claims in the United States.

During his career, he has done everything from software development to architecting enterprise systems, from firewall administration and app pen-testing to enterprise risk and compliance. He also has spent more than a few years scaling up systems and managing operations for a very diverse group of applications. Leif is not afraid to get his hands dirty to build something new and has a proven record of creating solutions that take you from that great idea all the way to a global product relied upon by an entire industry.

Leif has a BS in Computer Science from Brigham Young University. He and his wife Katrina have 5 awesome kids, with whom he loves to share the three best things about Utah: skiing, mountain biking, and Costco on Sunday.

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