Stop Waiting For Questionable Data

When a policyholder submits a claim, you need data that’s consistent and detailed and you need it fast to keep your cycle times low. But when manual inspections result in inconsistent image quality coverage from one adjuster to another, and when a single inspection can take two to four hours, processing claims quickly and accurately is a huge undertaking. Do you get the data you need to make an informed decision on the settlement, or do you get the data fast?

IMGING™ gives you the data you need to write better policies.

A Better Way to Inspect

IMGING uses affordable drones and Insurance-focused software to gather outstanding inspection data without putting an adjuster in harm’s way and without breaking the bank.

Faster Inspections

Instead of spending 2 to 4 hours on an inspection, do it in 10 minutes. Once scanned, quickly annotate images with notes on damage and other important details and quickly generate an inspection report to attach to the estimate.

More Accurate Payouts and Estimates

Exceptional image quality leads to better decision making. With excellent data, adjusters can give policyholders a fair payout in less time.

Detailed Image Quality

IMGING produces unparalleled, industry-first image quality for a fraction of the price thanks to our proprietary flight planning and control.

Faster, Simpler, and Much Safer

IMGING makes claims inspections easier with:

Send drones on an autonomous flight over a property at the touch of a button. Fly drones with minimal instruction and with a single certification.

Some inspection solutions cost as much as $50K just for the drone. With the IMGING Inspection Kit, you get even better images for a fraction of that cost.

IMGING-powered drones gather images with 1/10th centimeter-squared resolution and are free of many of the atmospheric and perspective distortions that plague images captured from 100+ feet.

Images are automatically stitched into 2D and 3D composites for convenient reference. Adjusters can zoom into minute details for accurate estimates.

Adjusters keep their feet planted firmly on the ground while the drone does the inspecting for them. No ladders, no harnesses.

Insurance companies can quickly deploy drones and ramp up operations to meet increased claim volumes, such as those that come with catastrophic scenarios.