How to Raise Solar Revenue by Cutting Cancellations

California’s solar sector continues to cast a shadowy forecast across the industry since the rollout of Net Metering 3.0, a regulatory shift that’s dimming the long-time state leader in renewable power.   The ripple effects are unmistakable as uncertainty breeds reluctance among businesses and consumers alike, stalling the once-vibrant market to a sluggish crawl. Factor […]

Why Every Roofing Company Should Install Solar Panels [Updated November 2023]

Image shows photo of a home with solar panels

Are you a roofer who has thought about installing solar? Roofs are your business. You know everything there is to know about roofs­—construction, repair, permits, materials, safety, and about a million other things. If it has to do with a roof, you’re the expert. But what about roof-mounted solar panels? They’re becoming a common fixture on […]

Why Baker Electric Chose IMGING for Site Surveys

Baker Electric Home Energy, part of the Baker Electric family, has supplied Southern California with energy solutions for 84 years. As new technologies began available, they sought out the leading provider for drone-based solar site survey software.

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