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AI Roof Inspections
From ANY Drone

Use IMGING Detect for faster drone roof inspections, third-party validation of damage, and more sales. Upload property photos and instantly assess damage or generate comprehensive inspection reports using cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence).


Choose Your Workflow: iOS or Desktop

Capture Roof Images by Drone
Use any drone to inspect a roof and capture high-quality images of potential damaged areas.
Upload Photos to IMGING
Upload drone inspection photos for AI analysis into iOS or web-based desktop app.
Analyze with AI in IMGING
Use our industry-leading AI find roof damage across a range of materials and damage types.
Create Reports in IMGING
Create reports in-app or on a desktop to present findings and act confidently IMGING Detect.

“We looked at lots of solutions for damage detection, but Loveland does it better.”

Easy to Use With
ANY Drone

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming roof inspections with hard-to-spot damage. Use any drone to take high-quality images of the roof.

AI damage detection

Industry-Leading AI Damage Detection

Utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze drone-captured images for roof damage. Our AI is trained on over 1 billion sq ft of roof images to accurately identify damage.

Custom Branded Inspection Reports

Create detailed, professional inspection reports directly within the app or desktop platform. Include AI findings, annotations, custom pages, and branding options.

Custom Branding IMGING Report

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IMGING Detect offers unlimited drone roof inspections powered by artificial intelligence for $299 a month per user. 

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