How Drone Solutions Are Powering the Future of Solar Energy [Updated August, 2021]

drones for solar

Drones and solar energy. Two powerhouse innovations that have individually had great impacts on industry and societal advancement, but together, have taken the world by storm. Drones have quickly become key players in the rise of renewable energy, dominating the solar sector by improving efficiency and reducing creation costs. They are being utilized in many ways across the solar space, […]

AI and Deep Learning: What Are They and Why Do They Matter to Insurance? [Updated August, 2021]

Insurance technology is leaping forward, and since we released IMGING’s ai-powered damage detection in 2018, we have seen big changes in how insurance companies handle everything from claims to underwriting and even fraud. Technology like automated inspection drones as well as data analytics technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and much-sought-after deep learning, have moved […]

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