When it comes to new policies, details matter because every risk matters. Is there a trampoline? What about a pool? What’s the real condition of the roof? With IMGING®, you can quickly gather info for accurate, unbiased reports including exterior details of any roof and property in just a few minutes. Plus, you can share your findings with underwriters, policyholders, or anyone who needs to see it.

Crucial Details for Every Policy

Gather incredibly detailed roof and property information using an automated drone, then analyze the information in an easy-to-use platform.

risk assessment

Improve the quality of information underwriters receive so all risks are accounted for the first time.

fast policy writing icon

Go from an automated inspection to a detailed report to an informed decision in a matter of minutes.

quick inspections

Give agents or inspectors a faster, better way to gather unbiased info about the state of the roof and the risks on a property.

amazing detail icon

Browse images and detailed 3D models of a property as if you’re walking it yourself.



Super Simple App

Manage jobs, process data, and create flight plans so drones can fly for you.

drone hardware graphic

Solid Hardware

Reliable hardware provides the simplest, quickest inspections.

graphic for training

Comprehensive Training

Easy training covers how to use IMGING and how to navigate Part 107.


Simple, Unbiased, Accurate

IMGING includes the app, inspection kit, and training, so you get everything you need to conduct better inspections out of the box.

lawnmower scan graphic

An easy-to-fly automated drone gathers detailed roof and property info in as little as five minutes.

automatic damage detection

In-app technology automatically detects damage and helps you identify property risks.

3D model generation

Intuitive in-app tools auto-generate 3D models you can view as though you’re on the property.

inspection report graphic

Easy-export options let you create and share reports as an easy-to-read PDF.

3D model generation

Measurement tool lets you select facets, slopes, and test areas to ensure accurate dimensions.

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