extremely detailed property inspections for new policies

Mitigate the Risks with Better Data

Great underwriting decisions depend on a careful balance between evaluating the risks of a new policy and coming to reasonable, yet competitive premiums. And in today’s world of impatient customers, this is challenging at best. If underwriters take too much time to process a new policy, competitors might beat them to it. If they hurry too quickly, they run the risk of making inaccurate assessments. How do you decide between great estimates and fast underwriting?

With IMGING™, you don’t need to.

Better Data

Data gathered by IMGING-powered drones let you evaluate the condition of structures as well as view the entire property being evaluated. IMGING allows you to inspect building materials and catalogue the critical details an underwriter needs.

More Accurate Decisions

Reduce the risk of over or underpricing premiums. Ensure competitive premiums that provide coverage that fits the risk of the policy.

Exceptional Data Quality

Gather detailed aerial images of rooftops and building structures to produce 3D models and high-resolution composites of properties of any size or shape.

Increased Efficiency

Conduct a full inspection in minutes and view property-wide images for faster, more accurate decision making.

Speed up Underwriting
for a Better Combined Ratio

IMGING gives you rich detail in as little as 10 minutes of
on-site time and improves the underwriting process with:

More Productivity

Get five to ten times the number of inspections done with the same amount of people.