Property Analytics for Insurance

We understand how tough it is to shorten cycle times, reduce LAE, gather consistent data, and ensure quality assessments all at the same time. Our solutions make it easy to get the balance right through IMGING, the only property data and inspection platform that provides dependable measurements and accurate, AI-powered damage detection.

Shorten Cycle Times

Ensure consistency with AI and custom Inspect List

Reduce LAE

Touchless Property Inspections

Our inspection platform lets you make the quick decisions that lead to happy policyholders. Whether your gather the data yourself, or let our certified pilots inspect for you, you get the same incredible data inside the IMGING app—we can even create the inspection report for your review.


• Finish inspections up to 200% faster
• Reduce cost per claim up to 55%


• Replace ladder assists with better quality
• Up to 20% savings replacing staff adjustments

Experience the Outputs

Drone Inspection

With the help of a drone, perform property scans to gather aerial imagery, create 3D models, and more.

Carriers are using IMGING to settle 93% of claims without getting on a roof.

Get Started Hassle Free

Changing the whole insurance game isn’t as tough as it sounds. We’ll help you with everything from getting pilots certified to seeing ROI from your drone analytics program.

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