Loveland Innovations Welcomes a New Sales Director

We’re excited to bring on a new Sales Director for property insurance because that means we have yet another person helping us put advanced automated drone tech in the hands of claims professionals around the globe.

Bruce Crankshaw comes to us from, among other places, the Leavitt Group, the 13th largest privately-held insurance brokerage in the nation. Their fantastic team of insurance professionals provide a huge array of services to clients all over the U.S. Bruce was a leader at the Leavitt Group serving in roles ranging from COO to CSO, and we’re excited to put his expertise in the insurance industry to work developing the best possible solutions.

Bruce has spent most of his career in sales and marketing and found Loveland Innovations to be a perfect fit because it aligned with his professional background in sales and insurance, but also with one of his personal hobbies: flying DJI drones. As Bruce says,

“It was an exciting opportunity, so I went down to Loveland to chat. I saw that they were literally changing the world, and I wanted to talk to the people and see what they were like. The team here is brilliant. Jim has done an incredible job building a high-quality team. We’ve got A-players making it tick, that’s what I always look for in a company, and Loveland has it.”

Bruce says his goal at Loveland is to develop relationships with people and to bring new technology to insurance professionals.

“Client interface is great, I’m always interested in making sure our clients are always falling in love with everything we do. I’m also excited about bringing new technology to the industry. IMGING has really strong long-term legs and will stand strong in the insurance space.”

As IMGING becomes the gold standard for claims inspections (not to mention roofing estimates), Bruce is excited to be a part of the team making new waves in the industry. As he puts it, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM because it was the standard, our goal is the same for claims and insurance. We want to be the gold standard.”

Outside of work, Bruce enjoys finding reasons to go back to his native home, South Africa, where he loves to enjoy the spectacular landscapes, animals and being in the company of its amazing people. Bruce is also a hobbyist drone pilot, a photographer, and an outdoor enthusiast who loves spending time with his wife and six wonderful children.



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