How Professional Inspection Reports Help Roofers Win More Business

For just a minute, forget you’re a roofer. Instead, pretend you’re a homeowner who knows nothing about roofing but needs a new roof. You likely work with people like this all the time.

Like any responsible consumer, you call a few different roofers to get a quote on a new roof. You have no idea what to expect, so you’re a little nervous about the repair process, the cost of a new roof, and the project timeline. Spice in the complexity of an insurance claim and you’re very unsure of what to expect.

Over the next few days, three different roofers come to inspect your roof. They poke around your roof and all seem to know what they’re doing. And they each promise a quote within the next few days. 

The Tale of Three Roofing Bids 

You get the first two quotes back, and they look something like this:  

The quotes look professional with an itemized list of everything that needs to be done on the roof with the cost for each item. Since this is the first time you’ve ever worked with a roofer, these quotes look fine, and they’re kind of what you were expecting. 

Then, you get the third quote. And this quote makes the other two quotes look like a joke. Not only does the quote have the typical price breakouts, but that’s only the first page … among many. 

The third quote was presented in person with a comprehensive inspection report including drone pictures of your roof, roof measurements, and highlighted damage and anomalies, and the roofer walks you through issues using a 3D model of your house. (You didn’t even know they could make a 3D model of your house.) Oh, and they also sent you a PDF version for your digital records and easy access. 

The Homeowner’s Decision 

So, now you’re looking at three quotes for a new roof. All three price points are within 10% of each other, which means you have to base your decision on who you liked the best. You can either go with one of the two roofers who gave you a piece of paper with a price breakout. Or you can go with the roofer who provided a professional inspection report that actually showed you what work needed to be done and helped you understand the roofing process with helpful photos and digital renderings. 

As a homeowner, the decision seems obvious. You go with the roofer with the fancy inspection report, because that roofer cared enough to give you all the information you needed to make an informed decision. 

Ok, now you can stop pretending to be a homeowner with a leaky roof, and be a roofer again. 

Of course, you want to provide your customers with awesome inspection reports. A professional and comprehensive roofing quote builds customer trust and confidence in your work. A professional inspection report will set you apart from the crowd and elevate your sales.

You only have one problem: you’re not a graphic designer. You don’t have time to learn a new program to create great looking inspection and roof reports. You went into roofing to fix roofs, not to design fancy documents. 

Luckily, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create beautiful roofing bids. All you need is the right tool: IMGING.  

IMGING Roof Inspection Reports 

When you perform roof inspections using the IMGING app in conjunction with a drone, you gather a lot of high-quality, accurate property data. When you’ve gathered all the necessary property information, IMGING organizes the data according to property and creates different kinds of reports. You an annotate or customize photos and documents to your heart’s content and then all you have to do is click “generate roof report.”  

Here’s a quick look at what IMGING can include in your roofing reports compared to traditional roofing bids: 



Typical Roofing Bids 

IMGING Roofing Bids 

Smartphone Photos



Drone Photos



AI-Powered Damage Report 



3D Property Model 






Drag and Drop Report Building



Roof/Pitch/Area Diagrams 



Smartphone Roof Photos

Smartphone roof photos are the norm in 2023 (thanks Steve Jobs!). But taking a photo and saving it in your photo gallery can lead to loss of data like address and other context. 

Drone Photos 

If you invest in an IMGING Inspection Kit, you’ll get a Phantom 4 Pro Drone, which is equipped with a 35 mm format equivalent lens. This lens delivers high-quality images that can easily be added to your roofing report or shared electronically with your customers. 

The IMGING app also includes smart photo location, so you can show homeowners exactly where each photo was taken. Customers like to see what’s up on their roof. It’s one of the most expense parts of the most expense assets they have ever purchased, and they have never even seen it all before. 

Roof Damage Report 

IMGING automatically detects potential roof damage. So, after you’ve completed your drone inspection, you can zoom in on the property photos to determine what areas of the roof need to be repaired. 

3D Property Models 

3D models are the perfect way to improve the customer experience. They provide homeowners with a better idea of what their roof and property look like, because not many customers have explored their own roofs. It also allows you to display the scope of a roofing job. Not to mention, a 3D model of a customer’s home makes you look legit. 

If you work in Xactimate, there is a direct integration for that. If you want your inspection date in your CRM, there is an API for that. IMGING makes it easy to integrate data with other programs you already use. 

Property Measurements 

Sometimes it’s hard for homeowners to wrap their head around the size of their home. But property measurements generated within the IMGING app will give your customers quick and accurate measurements of their home to help them understand your price breakouts and the scope of the roofing job. 

Detailed Roof Scan 

Homeowners want to see the extent of their roof damage before they decide on roof repairs or replacement. A detailed roof scan is a great way to show your customers exactly what is happening on their roof. You can even make notes through the IMGING app so homeowners know what they’re looking at.  

Roof/Pitch/Area Diagrams 

The IMGING app can generate three different types of diagrams – roof, pitch, and area diagrams. Each of these diagrams can be used to demonstrate different aspects of a customer’s roof. So, depending on what type of roof repair your customer needs, you can generate a specific diagram to help demonstrate the problem. 


The more thorough and professional you are, the more likely potential customers will trust you and choose you over the other guys. Which is why it’s so important to provide your customers with well-designed, accurate, and comprehensive inspection reports and bids. And now, creating to-the-nail accurate bids is super simple thanks to the IMGING app. Instead of stressing about designing a bid that will impress customers, you can focus on doing your job: repairing roofs. 

If you want to take your bids and inspection reports to the next level, check out your options at 


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