1. Plan

Keep Track of One or Thousands of Inspection Jobs

When creating a new job, IMGING® lets you add information on claims, damage, and the homeowner. Use satellite images of a property to identify what to scan (and what not to) and automatically generate a safe flight plan for your drone.

  • Manage teams of all sizes
  • Track job, claim, and homeowner information
  • Plan safe automated flights
  • Check the airspace

2. Fly

Let Your Drone Do the Flying

IMGING’s automated flight controls send the drone in the sky to scan a roof or property. Several scan types ensure you get detailed images and crisp 3D models.

  • Run pre-flight checks inside the app
  • Gather detailed roof and property images
  • Use multiple patented scanning techniques
  • Take over manual control anytime you want

3. Process

Let the App Help You Make Better Decisions

Get the important information up front. Let IMGING automatically identify damage or property risks using deep learning so you don’t waste time sorting images.

  • Instantly view areas of damage
  • Understand all risks on a property
  • Get insights from advanced deep learning tech

4. Report

Get the Details You Need from Inspections

Add notes in the web and mobile app, view 3D models, and get measurements of any facet. Package images and flight details in a handy, shareable report.

  • View an easy-to-navigate gallery of images
  • Highlight and annotate damage
  • Create 3D models and derive measurements
  • Generate detailed, shareable PDF reports

The app is just one part of the IMGING experience.

drone hardware graphic

Solid Hardware

Reliable hardware provides the simplest,
quickest inspections.

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Comprehensive Training

Easy training covers how to use IMGING and
how to navigate Part 107.

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